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075B The Spirit of Nature(Shot Ver.) (樹魂の歌·10分★短縮版)


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★The Spirit of Nature(Shot Ver.) (075B)
Set: Score and Parts
1st Mandolin, 2nd Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar, Mand.Cello, Bass
Level : ★★★★
Duration: 10 min.

(76 pages incl. front page and instruction)

It’s been rewritten within 10 min. It’s not just cut it short, but make it moving performance in the short time.

The original work was for chorus of 229 members and solo orchestra at special stage of “Future Expo in 1988. The theme of the music was for “Usuzumi cherry blossoms” which lives more than 1,500 years and designated as a national  natural treasure. The lyric was written by Masaji Chujyo, a poet. The original music was played many times and it was rewritten for mandolin orchestra for the 15th anniversary of Gifu City Mandolin Orchestra. The overall structure as well as details were totally recomposed for mandolin orchestra. There are two versions, one with chorus, the other is without chorus.

★樹魂の歌·10分★短縮版 (075B)
演奏時間:10分 ンクールにおすすめ(オリジナルは14分)


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¥10,000 tax included