102 Callinf from Ground(大地の呼び声)

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Callinf from Ground (102)
22 min.It was commissioned  and first performed by Mozart Mandolin Orchestra at their 20th Anniversary. This is based on the opera  “Calling from Ground”, composed by Hiro. The opera is about a human drama during the most ancient war, recorded in Japan. It was completely rewrote for mandolin orchestra to take advantage of the mandolin’s potential.The theme of the music is about the gift from the earth. Although there has been human dramas in a long history over desires and obsession with power. There have been many people who are in agony and suffering from their sadness due to wars and conflicts against their will. Hiro wanted to express an appreciation of blessing ground instead of depicting tragedy, because the ground refer to the mother fo the earth and it is necessity for human to survive in the future. Hiro believes it is our duty to pass it on the the next generations.  Wind Instruments can be omitted.

大地の呼び声 (102)

難易度: ★★★★★


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¥10,000 tax included