032 Serenade No.1(セレナーデ No.1)

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Serenade No.1  (032)
26 min.
Set: Score and Parts
Level : ★★★
Duration: 26min.
(110 pages incl. front page and instruction)

There were many numbers of folk songs in Tokuyama village, Gifu, where used to be surrounded by mountains and greenery however it eventually sank under the dam. These were movements that tried to preserve the beautiful senaries by filming or making TV programs. Hiro was in charge of those music. “Serenade No.1” is based on one of those, Hiro arranged for mandolin orchestra. This music is consisted of a melody of folk songs as well as a image of great scene of countryside. The music was asked by the mandolin orchestra of Kyushu University in 1979 and first performed by them.

セレナーデ No.1 (032)
難易度: ★★★

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¥10,000 tax included