750 Flute KARAOKE Set: 12-songs included from The enchanted Forest melody of Japan 妖精の森 フルートカラオケセット

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Flute KARAOKE Set: 12-songs included

From the CD album with James Galway “The enchanted Forest melody of Japan” composed and arranged by Hiro Fujikake

Sheet music of flute parts with background music (mp3)
The Following sounds are included;
KARAOKE Orch. accompaniment with melody(mp3)
KARAOKE Orch. accompaniment without melody(mp3)
KARAOKE Harp accompaniment without melody (mp3)
* Please note KARAOKE Harp is only for 6 songs

1. The Enchanted Forest*
2. Love Song*
3. Romantic World*
4. Star Children*
5. Nakasendo (The Old Road)*
6. Sakura (Cherry Blossom)*
7. Hietsuki Bushi (Love Song)
8. Usuhiki Uta (Song of the Mill)
9. Tokuyama Lullaby
10.Zui Zui Zukkorobashi (Children's Play Song)
11. Lyrical Short Piece
12. Harukoma (Spring Horse-Dance)

藤掛廣幸 作曲・編曲
カラオケ オーケストラ伴奏、メロディー付き(mp3)
カラオケ オーケストラ伴奏、メロディーなし(mp3)
カラオケ ハープ伴奏、メロディーなし(mp3)

1. 妖精の森*
2. 愛の歌*
3. ロマンティック・ワールド*
4. 星の子供*
5. 中仙道*
6. さくら*
7. ひえつき節
8. うすひき歌
9. 徳山の子守歌
10. ずいずいずっころばし
11. 小さな歌
12. 春駒

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