301 Symphony IZUMO(交響曲「出雲」)

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Symphony IZUMO (301) One of the Masterpieces
Set: Score and Parts
Duration:: 32 min.
(542 pages incl. front page and instruction)

Completed on 21st November, 2004
First performed on 19th May, 2005 at Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Public Hall
Princess Hisako from Japanese royal family attended and it was great success.
It stands as one of the masterpieces of Hiro Fujikake’s symphonic work. This work was dedicated to Mr. Takamasa Senge, who took over duty at Izumo Grand Shrine as the 84th chief priest in 2002. Thirty top musicians were selected for only one night. The performance was with chamber orchestra for the premier, and later this work was rewritten for full orchestra. The symphony consists of four movements. Hiro worked on this piece tirelessly, pouring his whole heart and soul into it. It took more than two and half years to complete. This music was inspired by the history of IZUMO, which is believed to be “the land of gods” described in “Kojiki,” the oldest extant manuscript of myths and legends in Japan. However, the music does not depict any history or mythology. Instead, main theme of this piece is a meditation on love, being of a thoughtful mind, and a wish for “world peace.” “Izumo” is the name of an ancient Japanese Kingdom (more than 1000 years ago) which was in the northwestern part of Japan. (184pages / Duration: approx.32min.)
Letter from Ralph Mace, music producer;
 I listened to the CD of Izumo yesterday. It is wonderful. I am so impressed and enjoyed it so much. It was a very cold day, so I went to my studio, turned up the heater and switched on the hi-fi (nice and loud!). Immediately I found myself in a totally new, powerful world. The dramatic impact is enormous, the melodies flow like a mighty river and the orchestral colorings are magical. Congratulations! What a long way it seems from the time we first met in my office in London. And how your talent has blossomed into something so very special.”


2005年5月19日 作曲者指揮で初演。
会場:東京 日比谷公会堂
平成14年に出雲大社第84代宮司を襲職された千家尊祐(たかまさ)氏のために「心の教育を考える女性の会」有志の委嘱により作られた4楽章からなる交響曲。2年半に渡る歳月をかけ作曲。「羽を抜いて反物を織る、夕鶴のおつうの心境だった」と語らしめるほど精魂を傾けた大作。(184ページ/演奏時間:32分 )

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