087 JONGARA-Syo (じょんがら抄)

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★JONGARA-Syo (087)
1st Mandolin, 2nd Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar, Mand.Cello, Bass, 1-Perc., 2-Perc., 3-Perc., 4-Perc., 5-Perc.
Set: Score + Parts
Level: ★★★★
Duration: 8 min.

This is a short version of the original “JONGARA” in 8 minutes and added 5 parts of percussions. This is more rhythmical and is able to make gorgeous harmony.

The music is inspired by rhythm of a Japanese traditional musical instrument of Tsugaru-shamisen. The great feature of this music is taking improvisation aspect of jazz music. The powerful sounds makes this music dramatic with cherishing traditions. The shamisen is a stringed instrument shaped like a guitar and is often called a Japanese guitar. There are a lot in common mandolin and shamisen, although they have different characteristics. Hiro took an advantage of shamisen and made it into totally modern and original music.

★じょんがら抄 (087)
演奏時間:8 min.


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¥10,000 tax included