043 8 Ballades(043 8 Ballades.pdf)

8 Ballades(song incl.)a final edition in 2006 (043)
40 min.

Songs can be omitted.
With requests, rewrote these suites without songs. You can play as a suite or select any music. This was the first music worked with Masaji Chujyo, a poet. We selected 8 ballads from his collection of poems, titled ” Bottoms of pavement”. Each poem has fairy tale stories and that lead us to the wonderland. Hiro attracted by the stories and enjoyed composing it.

八つのバラード(歌入り) 決定版2006 (043)

1 プロローグ
2 青いへちま
4 木 馬
5 固いクルミ
6 カラス
7 星の子供
8 寝ぼけ狐
9 いねむり和尚さん
10 フィナーレ

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