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103 Pastoral Fantasy - Complete suite package in 2010 (パストラル・ファンタジー 2010完全新版)

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Pastoral Fantasy (Complete suite package in 2010) (Added Fl.Cl.percussion)(103)
Set: Score + Parts
Level: ★★★★
1st Mandolin, 2nd Mandolin, 2Mandolas, Guitar, Mand.Cello, Double Bass, 2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, 4 Percussions.
Duration: 14 min.

Pastoral Fantasy (English / Japanese)
Fantasia Pastorale (Italy)
Fantaisie pastorale (France)
The most well performed piece.
It was the second work for Hiro to compose a mandolin orchestra, the work was composing during June to July, 1975 and was first performed by Tokai Student Mandolin Association in August. The inspiration of this music came from fresh greenary in early summer. The title of “Pastoral Fantasy” is based on the image of pastoral scenery and it consists the theme of the music. The following is the construction of the music.
1. Initial pastoral andante
2. Introduction of fugue, develop freely
3. Recreation of touching pastoral theme
4. Powerful coda
Please do not stick with interpretation of the music, just feel the sounds, as you like. It would be great pleasure for the composer if this music means something to those who play or listen to it.
It’s been elaborated on details of playing technique and in order to be performed more easily, it’s been totally rewrote from the original(066). Even 6 parts of mandolin ensemble is able to make more effective sounds with this score than the original. Parts of  wind instruments and percussion can be omitted. It was first performed by Keio University at 100th anniversary in2010.

パストラルファンタジー2010完全新版【 Fl.Cl.打楽器追加版 】(103)



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