038 Green-scope (山河緑照)(038 Green-scope.pdf)

""Green-scope  (038)

Set: Score + Parts
1st Mandolin, 2nd Mandolin, Mandola,Guitar, Mand.Cello, Bass, Timpani, Percussion
Level: ★★★
Duration: 11 min.

This music was originally composed for ”National Cultural Festival/Japanese Music” in Gifu-prefecture, Japan in 1999. It was a music for total 100 players of Japanese traditional instruments such as Koto(Japanese harp), a shakuhachi (a vertical bamboo flute), shamisen(Japanese guitar), 17-string Koto, and first performed at the festival and directed by Hiro Fujikake. Firstly, the title of “Green-scope” came up in his mind and the word brought him an imagination of beautiful mountains and reflection of greenery on a river surface. Once his image of the music was settled, the lest of creation went smoothly. The performance was received highly reputation and requested to rewrite for mandolin orchestra. The sound is exotic and dramatically showing excitement in a melody line, which bring audience in an Asian fantasy world."

山河緑照 (038)


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